Become part of ARTNATION

At ARTNATION we are always on the lookout for talented designers and cool products, and there are different ways in which the designer can contribute to becoming part of ARTNATION.

In all cases the manufacturer will be ARTNATION, but the designer will always be credited and in some cases there will be a dedicated subpage / presentation of the designer on In addition to the storytelling this contributes to, it is also a valuable display window for the designer and his other products in the second context.

The ARTNATION logo must, as a minimum, appear on the packaging and preferably on the product itself.

See the various possibilities for collaboration with ARTNATION here.

Model 1: ARTNATION gets a license for designs and stands for production

As this suggests, the designer's only task here is to provide a product design with the necessary technical drawings, product descriptions, packaging descriptions and possibly. installation instructions. ARTNATION is then responsible for all costs for production, marketing and sales. A royalty payment is negotiated for the sale of the product.

Model 2: The designer makes a special series of already existing product

Here the designer is already in the market with his stuff, but makes a special edition for ARTNATION. Examples of this could be pillows, ceramics, candlesticks, cutting boards, etc. with a slightly different expression (eg color, pattern or the like) than already produced products. The ARTNATION logo is still expected to appear as minimum packaging.

Model 3: ARTNATION gets exclusive rights to the sale of a unique product

The designer / artist / craftsman assigns the rights to one or more products / designs to ARTNATION against a one-time payment or against a continuous royalty payment.

Bliv en del af ARTNATION

What are we looking for?

As can be seen on the webshop at, we are good at wooden figures (and there will soon be more) as well as posters and soon lamps / lighting. We are currently looking for. interesting products within the living, interior and kitchen / dining segment. This could e.g. be:

  • Candlesticks
  • Cushions
  • Cutting Boards
  • Ceramics - especially oily vases, coffee cups / espresso cups
  • Placemats

If you have other designs / products that are not on the list, you are still welcome to contact us.

Sales and distribution

In all the above cases, it will be ARTNATION who is responsible for the sale and distribution of the products from our webshop at In Model 1 (and as seen for example with the products that Helena From has designed) we will try to sell the products to physical dealers - in the long term through an agency.


If you see yourself in one of the above scenarios, we would love to hear from you. Send an email with a description of yourself and possibly. link to your website or pictures of your products. You may try to make a bid on which of the three models you can see yourself and your products in.

Send an email to Tobias Kierk at If you have further questions, you can write to the same mail or call on +45 28 18 73 17.