Helena From

Helena From

Helena From

Helena From is a graduate engineer in industrial design. Life as an independent designer started more or less by accident when she developed a set of armadillo (Mr and Mrs) as a special wedding gift, for a friend who was to be married and who had always been fascinated by the particular armadillo. The two figures received unusually much attention due to their sweet, stylish and quirky expression and many sought after similar figures. As a result, an actual product line was created, the ZOO OF WOOD, which in addition to the armadillo (now officially called Mr. and Mrs. Armadillo) contained a sheep, a hippopotamus and a squirrel. The series became very popular and Helena developed a number of other products - including the Little Mr. Lamp series. Bulb. The mentioned products are continuously relaunched under ARTNATION branded - either in original form or with small refinements in collaboration with Helena From.

A French and a Dane

One of Helena Froms most popular designs is the dog WOODEN Frenchie and a good friend is the basis for the whimsical little wood figure.

“The idea arose when I got my first little puppy, Fiona - a French bulldog. She has so much character and charm that she lights up even the bad days. She is my little companion. I would like to create a memory of her that I could have with me for the rest of my life and a product that would also spread joy and coziness in the homes of others.
In addition, I wanted to create a product that honors the Danish design traditions, natural materials, and love for animals and crafts. ”
- Helena From

Helena From + ARTNATION

ARTNATION originates from Helena From's own brand, fromHELENA, so it is natural that Helena's designs are a central part of ARTNATION's products - starting with the popular WOODEN Frenchie and WOODEN Pug.
The plan is, however, that several wooden figures from Helena From's design universe become available during ARTNATION. Many of these have already been on the market, as are some new designs along the way, which we are looking forward to show you.

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