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We are very much involved in data security and at all times treat the data we receive as confidently as possible. See. The EU Personal Data Regulation (GDPR) we are obliged to inform you of a number of issues concerning. the data we store and use when you visit, make a purchase, create you as a user or sign up for our newsletter. In short, you now have much better opportunity to keep track of what data is stored about you on (or on any other website). And that's good. 😊

Who are we?

DesignGruppen ApS is behind branded ARTNATION and website We use the name ARTNATION or in this document.


At we use cookies to improve the experience - for example. by storing the things you may have put in your basket. If you do not want to use cookies (which will change the experience of markedly), you can reject or delete cookies in the browser you use.

We store these data

When you visit without creating a user, logging in or making a purchase, we do not store any data about you. When you make a purchase, we store the following information about you:
  • Name and surname
  • company name
  • Street + no.
  • ZIP code. + by
  • Country
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Order content - including products, quantity and price.
  • Your desired delivery form
  • comments on the order.
  • Credit card information, which is however handled by Stripe.
We do not store personal information.

Why do we register your data

We do this in order to send your products to the right person at the right address or to the right packing shop. When you sign up for our newsletter, we store your name and email so that we can send the newsletter to the right person and at the same time make the newsletter personal.

Your right to access your data

You have at all times the right to be given your data or just to know what information we may have stored about you. Write to us with your inquiry here: Go to the contact page.

Right to be deleted

You have the right at all times to be deleted in our system. This applies both if you have made a purchase (and thus is a customer), have created you as a user or signed up for our newsletter. Write to us with your inquiry here: Go to the contact page

Where and how long your data is stored

Artnation is hosted on a Danish server and your data is protected behind a number of security measures here. Only ARTNATION has access to your data, unless our partners - all of whom are covered by the same rules - use them in connection with. freight, payment etc. Data is stored as a starting point indefinitely