Phuc Van Dang

Phuc Van Dang

Phuc was born in Vietnam and grew up in Denmark. He has a background as a graphic designer and works in the intersection between design, art and culture. His multicultural background really comes alive in his works, which is a wonderful fusion of two worlds. Phuc is passionate about Street Art - where he creates modern fables in imaginative figurative stories that the viewer can reflect on. There is not only thought of the design in Phuc Van Dang's works, all of which bear his unique line and narrative - each of which is a detail and choice of materials.

Phuc Van Dang has, among other things, received the Danish Arts Council's House Arts Prize and from the Danish Arts Foundation for the exchange of culture between Denmark and Vietnam. He has exhibited in New York, Saigon, Barcelona, Tokyo and several places in Denmark.

Phuc Van Dang


Phuc Van Dang was born in Vietnam. He came to Denmark as a refugee in 1981 with his parents. He was just nine years old and, like many other Vietnamese, the family fled from communism after the end of the Vietnam War.

Phuc has grown up in Denmark and has many years of experience as a graphic designer and artist - first in the private business community and subsequently as an artist and illustrator full time under his own name.

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Phuc Van Dang + ARTNATION

Phuc Van Dang's easily recognizable and distinctive black line has taken ARTNATION. We have entered into a collaboration to produce three of his works under the name Portraits at Phuc Van Dang. These are Portrait Of You, fashionable and Karen Blixen. All three are initially given the size B2 - ie. 50 x 70 cm there is a fairly common poster size, for which it is easy to get frames.

The print is made of thick paper (250 g), which ensures that the poster does not 'collapse' behind the glass in a frame. The paper is uncoated (ie with raw surface) and is Swan-labeled.

All posters are individually signed by Phuc.