Candle holder in solid oak with black cuffs. Turned at a workshop in Denmark. Height: 8 cm.

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$ 27

Candle holder in solid oak with black cuffs. Turned at a workshop in Denmark. Height: 8 cm.


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CoCone-8 is the smallest size in the CoCone series.

CoCone is designed by ARTNATION. It is made of solid oak and is available in sizes 8 cm, 13 cm and 21 cm. The diameter at the bottom and the top is the same across the sizes - ie. respectively. 6 cm and 3 cm. This gives CoCone a harmonious and stylish expression - especially if put together.
The light cuffs in the top are black, giving CoCone a bold expression - with or without light.

Where is CoCone-8 Made?

Like our other products, CoCone is made in Denmark. The candlesticks are produced in Randers by Noblewood who is a Danish wooden shed with focus on quality, design and good craftsmanship. Noblewood is owned by Allan Mogensen who has worked with wood all his life. He is especially known for the two mice Ib and Mogens as well as other figures. Read more about Noblewood at to click here.

Cleaning and maintenance

The candle holder is surface treated with a special and environmentally friendly oil that makes the wood dirt and water resistant and thus resistant to greasy fingers. Most types of stearin can also easily be "broken" and leave no marks on the tree. If any stearin sticks, so it is difficult to get rid of, you can advantageously place the candle holder in the oven at 50 degrees for a quarter of a time on top of some baking paper, after which you just wipe the last candle residue away with a piece of dry paper towel or the like.

The story behind the heights

In ARTNATION we want to mix nature with mathematics. And nature has on its own managed to incorporate mathematics into its expression in the form of eg. Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio. This is seen in many plants - for example. in the pattern of the flower in a sunflower, in a romanesco broccoli and a lot of other places. The relationship is also a fairly significant part of the ARTNATION logo and is seen in the O'et, where the side lengths of the squares are consecutive fibers.
8, 13 and 21 are numbers that are just included in the Fibonacci number series and can thus be referred to as "Fibonacci numbers". We imagine that you can see the harmony in the heights already by three figures - eg. when when CoCone-8, CoCone-13 and CoCone-21 standing next to each other. 🙂
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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm

8 cm


3 cm (top), 6 cm (bottom)


100 g


Solid oak, Oil-treated




Noblewood in Randers